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Never Tame

Never Tame


I have never been a pink girl but within this last year I have really enjoyed it. I still don’t really wear pink but I love seeing it in art, buildings, and fashion.

Growing up, you probably would’t believe I was a tomboy. I climbed trees and was always barefoot. So naturally when I grew out of that I still haven’t worn pink. Obviously, I’m not a tomboy anymore and I do love everything fashion. I’m drawn to band tees and edgy pieces the most now. It’s just what I like, but I do also love a good floral print. Specially ones with a unique design and pattern. This dress from ASOS is the perfect print if you’re looking for a girly, yet edgy, floral dress. Plus, it has puff sleeves. I consider that a huge win in life!

Never let them tame you.

Get the look:

Dress: Here <3

Boots: Here <3

My list of everything not to do with fashion (:

My list of everything not to do with fashion (: