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My list of everything not to do with fashion (:

My list of everything not to do with fashion (:


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. I really do need to be more active with it. If you guys enjoy these blog posts, let me know if you want to write more often by commenting below!

Let’s talk about style, shall we? I get numerous direct messages on Instagram saying, “I love your style! I wish I could pull it off.” My response has always been the same. I’m just going to share my thoughts on here and hope it encourages you guys.

First off, I view fashion and style as self-expression: a way to show who I am in the moment. Whether I’m wearing something “rock ‘n roll” or “90’s basics”, I’m always wearing what personally makes me happy. I don’t hold back. I even live in a city where my style is not the norm. I get plenty of stare-downs from onlookers. I wear what I love and don’t really concern myself with what others think. I personally believe worrying what others think stops us from doing what we actually love and from being ourselves.

It’s okay to self express. We don’t need to wear a uniform and fit in a cookie-cutter world. I would hate living like that anyways. But there is still so much pressure from society to look a certain way, or to dress a certain way. There are those stupid lists everyone makes about 10 trends that need to stop in 2018, “dress right for your body type” articles, “5 things you cant wear when you’re 30”, etc. The list goes on. Why is there so much pressure and so many do’s and don’ts?

My advice:

Don’t listen. Wear what you want all the time. Never bend to society and all of its lists. If you are older and want to wear something, but a list says you can’t because you’re too old…. throw that list in the trash where it belongs. There is no age limit to fashion and style. If you are 60 and want to wear a denim mini-skirt, then I say hellz ya! Wear it and rock it.

If you like something that’s not in trend, THAT’S OKAY. You don’t have to follow trends. You follow your heart. If a man is telling you cannot wear something… RED FREAKIN FLAG!! NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, LET A MAN TELL YOU WHAT TO WEAR. I don’t care if you are married, engaged, dating, etc. Never let someone dictate your style. That goes for anyone.

If you don’t think you can pull something off…. let me tell you that’s not true. The reason you don’t think you can pull it off is YOU. You are the only one holding you back from dressing certain ways. Fear really holds us back.

My point to all this is: empower yourself to follow your own path. You don’t have to stick to the rules. Rules are meant to be broken anyways. It makes me so sad when people say they could never wear something or they wish they could. Real talk here: you can wear whatever your little heart desires.

You are beautiful no matter your size, shape, skin tone, hair color, or height. All you have to do is believe in yourself and find that inner confidence. Letting go of that fear and replace it with your badass self. We all have a fire within us ready to be released. So why not release it with self-expression.. our own style!?

Love you guys!



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