Indiefoxx Q&A on Beauty Standards

Q&A for the day
1. When do I start dressing my age?
Me: Never dress for your age. You should dress for you and what makes you happy. If you want to wear something and it makes you feel sexy or gorgeous wear it. No one should ever tell you what to wear. Fashion should be about bringing your personality to the table. It’s a way to express who you are. If you want to wear yoga pants and a tee do it. If you want to look like a martian then do. Always dress for you and no one else.
2. How do you pull off looks with such confidence?
Me: You are your own worst critic and mainstream society will always tell you what you should be looking like. For me, I just simply shut out everyone telling me what to dress like or look like and that includes myself. Confidence starts when you stop caring what the world thinks.
3. No Make up or Make up?
Me: Both. I recently had a lady tell me that she preferred me not wearing makeup in a rude manner. (Thats nice I don’t care) One of my pet peeves is RUDE people. Though she might have not thought anything about saying this to me it is none of her concern whether I wear makeup or not. What is it to her and why does it bother her so much that I wear makeup? I wear make up on my blog. I get paid to wear make up so I’m going to wear make up. It’s my job when I’m home watching netflix I’m normally bare faced with some PJs on. Plus I’m a makeup artist. It all goes back to wear what you want. If you don’t wear make up or you do wear make up what ever you do, do it for you. No one has any business telling you what to do with your face. If you want to wear dark circles around your eyes and you think you look smoking hot then who is any one to tell you they don’t like it. If you don’t wear makeup and you think your look amazing who is any one to tell you they think you would look better with make up? Wear what you like.
4. What do you think about the worlds view on beauty is only thin?
ME: It’s complete crap. Beauty is every size. There is no one size fits all in beauty. It’s a shame the world tells us that in order to be beautiful you have to be skinny. So many people starve themselves and have eating disorders cause of this standard. I say as long as your healthy who cares about the size of your pant. Its just a number. A number that women let define them. Beauty is curvy, average, athletic, small, thin, plus size ect. Again why are we letting people tell us what size we should be? Tell me how that is any of their concern?
Bottomline Ladies: there are people in this world who for no reason will judge and criticize you. These people are bullies. They have nothing better to do then tell you how to dress, what to look like, and what defines beauty. If you listen to them it will cause you nothing but heartache. We all need to stop telling people what they should look like and focus on being a nice human being. We need to support each other and build up women not tear them down. How can any women feel good about herself when there are people telling her she is not good enough or not pretty enough. Change needs to happen and it needs to start with us women. Instead of being jealous of a good looking women.. Complement them. Tell them they are gorgeous. Instead of saying you wear too much makeup or not enough makeup.. Say something nice. Instead of saying your too old to wear that.. Complement them on how amazing it is they feel freedom to wear what they like. Instead of making someone feel fat, skinny, average.. Tell them they are beautiful. Lets all practice being kind. Like the old saying goes. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
Love you all

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