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Change is Coming

Change is Coming


Hey Guys!!!

I wanted to write this post to tell you that big changes are coming to my blog! I have been feeling for the last few months now that my blogging has become redundant. As a creative person it kills me that I'm not putting my best work out there. I know I can be hard on myself but I feel like I'm not doing my best. It has been a struggle to find motivation in what I do. I know that winter always puts me in a mood but I want to strive for better quality and more creative content. I will still be a doing my fashion but I want to express myself more and really show you all what I'm about. I'm a very passionate person and feel its time I step it up and make some changes with how I blog. So from now I'm going to be more passionate and creative with my content. I just wanted to share with you what I plan on doing and what to expect from me this year!!

Thank you all for following me and supporting me! You mean the world to me!



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Dress: Express

Jacket: Boohoo

Boots: Fashion Trend LA

Earrings: The 2 Bandits  

Hello Spring

Hello Spring

The East Western X Indiefoxx

The East Western X Indiefoxx