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Bye Bye 2017, Hello New Year

Bye Bye 2017, Hello New Year


The last post of 2017! It's been a crazy year.. Here's to 2018... May you be the best yet!


So 2017 was crazy right? The ups and the downs. This year was for sure a year of growing and self-discovery. I found my voice and let go of things that held me back. It was a hard year but you cannot grow unless there are growing pains, right?

I'm excited to leave 2017 behind me. Not that it was bad year, but I'm ready to move forward with my life and do the things I really love. For a few years now my husband and I have wanted to start a online shop with tees and pins we design. My fingers crossed this will be the year we can start working on that.

I also want to travel more and see the world. 

So my beautiful Foxxies, here is to more adventures, more happiness, and more living life like there is no tomorrow!

See you next year.. lol

Love you and thank you for following me.

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Red Teddy

Red Teddy

Stranger Bright

Stranger Bright